KSD has been carrying out a work on the development of our country, our competitive power and growth of exports in international markets, and on industry specific problems.

Our association is a non profit independent organization that will work with ministries, public and private institutions, TSE, exporters’ unions, universities and international organizations.

İKSD; Scaffolding and Formwork is represented by the leading companies in the sector. All member companies; take a place in the production of both national and international scale important housing, dams, commercial buildings, airports, hospitals, subway, industrial projects, etc. in the construction of projects, consultancy, material sales, rental and after sales support services.

İKSD members export to 115 countries of the world, mainly Russia, USA, France, Italy, Kazakhstan, India, Iraq, Iran, Malaysia, Algeria, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia.

Almetka has made a membership agreement by meeting with İKSD members at the İsk International Scaffolding Formwork and Moving Platform Technologies Specialized Fair, for the purpose of bringing the problems related to the sector to the agenda on the top platforms and being represented on these platforms.